Rajesh Hamal 51st birthday, does he still miss Mania Suchikar?

Rajesh Hamal turned 51 years-old on June 9. In Nepali calender, his birthday is on Jestha 27 but, he celebrates his birthday according to the western calendar. On his birthday, Rajesh didn’t have any celebration plans. On his Facebook, he has shared a last year’s photo of his birthday celebration. In fact, Rajesh hasn’t properly celebrated his birthday since the death of his foster sister in 2012.


In the past, Rajesh used to go to Khagendra Navajiwan Kendra to celebrate his birthday. He had a foster-sister, Maina Suchikar, with whom he used to celebrate his birthday. When Maina died in 2012 his birthday rituals changed after 13 years of celebrating it with her. (read more – Rajesh’s 46-years birthday celebration in 2010). After that he didn’t celebrate birthday until the 50th Golden Jubilee birthday celebrations in Australia.  

To celebrate his 50th birthday, newly wed Rajesh, had gone to Australia. He went to the honeymoon after he returned back from Australia. (Rajesh’s poem recital in Australia). Those celebrations in Australia were stage shows to entertain the audience rather than actual birthday celebration.

After 2012 there have been no actual birthday celebrations of Rajesh Hamal, indicating, he still misses the time he celebrated birthday with his foster sister and the disabled people in Khagendra Kendra.

Some Rajesh Hamal life milestones:

  • Born in a hospital in Palpa on June 9, 1964
  • Rajesh spent his childhood with his ambassador father in Russia.
  • In 1985 Rajesh was featured in a fashion magazine ‘Fashion Net’ in Delhi. Ramp modeling in Delhi and Kathmandu.
  • Did Masters degree in English literature from Chandigadh University
  • Hamal debuted in Yugdekhi Yugsamma (watch ‘Yugdekhi Yugsamma’ here) in 1989.
  • Married Madhu Bhattarai in 2014

xNepali team wishes a belated happy birthday to the living legend of Nepali film industry. We hope to see more of his acting in coming days.

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