Resham Filili actor Vinay Shrestha found a girlfriend in UK

The ‘Resham Filili’ lead actor Vinay Shrestha has shared a photo with his girlfriend in his Facebook profile. The photo with the comment, “Defying my career’s demand…” has Aney Thapa tagged in it. Aney has responded by sharing the photo as her profile picture.

vinay shrestha and aney thapa facebook

Vinay’s girlfriend Aney Thapa is currently studying in UK.  Aney had recently visited Nepal. During her return, Vinay had gone to the airport to see her off.

In the past, Viany had a long affair with ‘Visa Girl’ actress Richa Sharma (you can watch ‘Visa Girl’ here). The failure of the movie had been cited to be the reason behind their break-up in 2013 (read Richa and Vinay break-up report in Nepaliactress).

Vinay’s highly awaited movie ‘Resham Filili’ had to be pulled from the theater after the earthquake of April 25. The movie was released on April 24. Now, the movie is being re-released on August 28.

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