Rajesh Hamal says Bagmati did not live up to his expectation, viewers feel cheated

There was high hopes from the movie released on Friday, ‘Bagmati’. The movie featuring well known actors like Rajesh Hamal, Shiva Shrestha, and Keki Adhikari was told to have produced spending the highest production cost in the history of Nepali films. The movie directed by a South Indian director and the technicians, was also well promoted. But, the final result is considered below average by most of the viewers and even the actors. The lead actor, Rajesh Hamal, in his Facebook post that he is sad that the movie was left incomplete.

rajesh hamal comment on bagmati

Rajesh had watched the movie with his wife Madhu Bhattarai and Shiva Shrestha. After watching the movie he has appreciated the cinematography and thrill but was apparently not happy by the execution of the movie. He has also revealed that the details of the sequel wasn’t worked out with the film artists. He has also expressed his dissatisfaction on the return back of the director Sunny Kerala back to India a day before the release of the movie.

It is not only Rajesh Hamal, the viewers have also felt cheated by the film makers. Some of the viewers have told that the story doesn’t make sense and there is no structure in the movie. The roles of actors like Shiva Shrestha and Keki Adhikari have also been very short and don’t make much sense.

One of the Twitter friends commented:

rajesh hamal and madhu watch bagmati3

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