Rajesh Hamal marriage ‘within weeks’ (video)

Nepali superstar ‘s marriage has been delayed for more than a few times. The 50+ actor has been in love relationship with a model, Madhu Bhattarai for more than four years and in all these years, he hasn’t been able to settle for a date to make it official.

In the following interview video taken at the end of 2070 Rajesh says that the marriage ceremony will be held very soon:

Here are some of the previous marriage rumors we had covered:

  • The marriage was delayed in 2010
  • The December 2013 date was delayed when one of Madhu’s relatives died.
  • In an interview Rajesh named February / March for marriage. But, it was also delayed as all of his family members couldn’t attend the ceremony.
  • Now, he has named May/June for marriage.

The history of the affair with Madhu Bhattarai is presented in the following video:

On the New year, Rajesh Hamal has told that the marriage dates has narrowed from year to months and now it is only weeks remaining for marriage. He indicated that the ceremony will be held some time in May last or the beginning of June.

In the first week of the New Year, Rajesh Hamal is going out of the country. After returning back, he is expected to start planning for the ceremony.

According to rumors (and confirmed by Hamal), the invitation cards for the marriage have already been printed. The bride, Madhu, is also rumored to have already started shopping for the ceremony. All these rumors and the statement of Hamal indicate the marriage to be held soon.

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