Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai talk about their relationship in a TV interview

In their US tour, the Nepali superstar and his wife Madhu Bhattarai talked to the local television, White Himal TV. This is the first time the superstar couple has appeared together in a television interview.

rajesh hamal and madhu bhattarai in usa

In the interview, the couple have discussed about their honeymoon trip, their marriage, relationship and future plans.

Watch the interview video:

The couple’s honeymoon plan to the USA couldn’t become a reality at the time they got married, ten months ago. When Madhu couldn’t get the visa in time, Hamal had to go to the USA alone. The plain also failed the second time when Rajesh’s shooting of ‘Bagmati’ was delayed. This time, the couple were very happy to fly to the USA and spend about ten days with their friends and families and enjoy travelling together.

Rajesh and Madhu returned back to Kathmandu on March 25 (click to enlarge).

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