Rajesh Hamal safe in Japan witnessing biggest crisis after WW2

rajesh hamal 9 Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal is currently in Japan and he has witnessed the devastation due to earthquake and tsunami. Rajesh is currently living in a city located about 300 km from the earthquake epicenter. The place is told to be safe for more earthquake damages.

Hamal was reported to be living in tents in the open area to be safe from any damages caused by earthquake. This is a good news for the fans of Rajesh Hamal and we hope he will return back as soon as possible.

According to the Japanese prime minister, this event is the biggest crisis in Japan after the World War 2. About 10,000 people are feared to have died in the earthquake. About a dozen Nepali living in Japan are reported to be missing.

The photos of before and after of the destruction done by the earthquake and tsunami can be seen in a New York Times website.

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