We Will Rise charity event held in Hong Kong

A charity program titled ‘We will rise’ was held in Hong Kong recently. The program to help raise fund for earthquake relief was a successful and entertaining program in Hong Kong.

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For the first time after returning back from the USA, actor Saroj Khanal went on a stage show in a foreign soil. He had performed with actress Karishma Manandhar in a musical titled ‘Priyasika Yaadharu’. Saroj and Sarita Giri performed in a play titled ‘Hamro Aawaz’. Actress Sushma Karki had danced in ‘himallai Dhakyo Kanchha…’

In the program actor Rajesh Hamal, journalist Bhushan Dahal, singer Komal Oli, director Dinesh DC and others were present. Rajesh Hamal had danced with actress Sushma Karki and actress Sarita Giri in the song ‘Raato Tika Nidharma….’ Actress Menuka Pradhan and Vinay Shrestha had danced on the popular song ‘Jalama …’ from their movie ‘Resham Filili’. Singer Deepak Limbu had sung ‘Yaha Desh ko Chha Chinta …’

The program was started by a new talent selected by the organizers – a 12-years old Pooja Rana Magar. Pooja danced in a patriotic song. Dinesh DC was the emcee of the program.

The special attraction of the show as the talk between Bhushan Dahal and Rajesh Hamal.

The event was organized by Neplease Taekwondo Association in Hong Kong was filled with the Nepali culture and patriotism.

More photos of the program:

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