Rajesh Hamal’s girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai talks, first time

Nepali actor ‘s girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai had talked to the public for the first time in an interview with Kantipur’s weekly ‘Saptahik’. Although the identity of the mystery girl is verified, she has refused to release her photo to the public yet.

madhu_bhattarai - rajesh hamal girlfriend

In the interview, Madhu has admitted that she is having an affair with the superstar for the last three years and is planning to marry soon. Although Madhu refused to release her photo, Kantipur published a look-alike sketch of the future wife of Hamal.

Madhu had told that Rajesh Hamal doesn’t know how to love a girl and she is teaching him to do that. Here are a few facts from the interview:

  • Madhu Bhattarai’s father had inter-cast marriage. So, Madhu has Mongolian looks.
  • Madhu has mother and two brothers in her home
  • She saw Rajesh Hamal in the movie "Gopi Krishna" for the first time. She became a fan of him at that time.
  • Personally, she met Rajesh 7 years ago.

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