Friday release – Rhythm, Bardaan and Paltan

Three new movies have released in theater today (on March 8). Two of them, ‘Rhythm’ and ‘Paltan’ were released in Kathamndu and the third movie ‘Bardaan’ was released only in theaters out of Kathamndu after a mutual agreement with the other two. ‘Bardaan’ will release in Kathamndu on March 15.


Written and directed by Bikash Acharya, ‘Rhythm’ is made on a love story. The musical movie features Jiwan Luitel, Wilson Bikram Rai, Sweta Bhattarai, Nir Shah, Nishma Ghimire and Sohit Manandhar in main roles. The movie made on One Time banner is produced by Pradeep Dahal.



The movie ‘Paltan’ is made on the banner of Shreya Maker Entertainment and produced by Maniratna Poudel and Harichandra Rawal. The movie written and directed by Basudev Pokharel features , Amrit Lama, Tripti Nadkar, Sanchita Gurung, Karan Crazy etc. in main roles.


‘Bardaan’ is the first movie produced by actress Rejina Upreti with Kabita Shrestha. The movie directed by Shovit Basnet features Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Rejina Upreti, Mukesh Dhakal, Arjun Karki and Shovit Basnet himself in main roles. The story of ‘Bardaan’ is written by Dhurba Lamsal.

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