Ramesh Kiran Uprety – Divorce in making Ramesh & Kiran Rana living seperately

According to reports, Ramesh Upreti and his wife Kiran Rana are preparing for divorce. Ramesh had a love affair with Kiran before they got married. The couple don’t have any children.
According to reports they are living separately for the past six months while the divorce proceedings is going in the court.

For the last few years, the actor had added Kiran in his name “Ramesh Kiran Upreti” in his social media presence. Now, it has been quite some time he has removed Kiran from the title.

Ramesh Upreti Biography

Ramesh Upreti was born in Kabhrepalanchowk as one of the four children of his parents. He did his primary schooling in his birth place. While he was studying in Dhulikhel he was attracted towards artistic works. Dancing and theater were his favorite pass time.

He started earning his pocket money when he was 16 years old and he started looking for opportunities in Nepali film industry.

After meeting an actor, he was underwhelmed and decided not to do movies. But, later he got an opportunity to feature in negative role. After doing the movie ‘Ragat’ he was signed in ‘Karodpati’ by Bhuwan KC and after the third movie with negative role, he got the solo leading actor role in ‘Parai Ghar’ opposite to Jal Shah. That was the milestone that established Ramesh Upreti as a credible actor. There was no turning back after the success of the movie.

In the 2005-06 time, when the film industry was going through hardship, he went to the USA and lived there for a decade. He returned back in 2014 and did comeback in movie ‘Bracelet’. The movie was a commercial failure.

He produced the second comeback movie , ‘Aishwarya’. The movie did great in box-office.

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