Weak Heart of Paras Shah

The heart of Paras Shah is the heart of the Nepali royal blood. But, it seems, the royal heart is not as strong as believed. In medical terms, the royal heart suffers attacks.

Starting King Tribhuwan, all the monarchs had heart attack and heart failures. Tribhuwan died of heart failure, his son King Mahendra died from the same cause. Tribhuwan’s grandson King Birendra had also suffered from heart attack in 1998. But, Birendra died in royal massacre.

The next king, King Gyanendra also suffered heart attack in 2014. He was hospitalized in 2017.

Paras is the only son of King Gyanendra. So, Paras has the similar heart when compared to hsi parents, grand parents and the great great grandparent.

Video report:

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Reecha Sharam couldn’t find the medicine of heartache (admitted to hospital)

Two days ago, Reecha wrote in Twitter “If there were were a medicine of heart ache, it would be a bestseller.” The next day, she was rushed to a hospital and was admitted for “pain in her heart”.

It seems, she wasn’t just making up a witty saying, but, literally having pain in her heart:

Video report:

Reecha Sharma is one of the most talented and versatile actress on Nepali film industry. She takes risk in going a step further in experimenting with her roles in movies.

This was New Year wish of Reecha:
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Comedy actor Magne Budha on depression medication

It is a common belief that comedy actors are the most happy people around. In reality, the laughter they spread is simply the coverup of their sorrows. A proof is comedy actor Kedar Ghimire, popularly known as Magne Budho, after a character he played in ‘Meri Bassai’.

Video report about Magne Budha’s condition:

Kedar Ghimire teamed up with Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) in directing ‘Meri Bassai’. The comedy serial quickly became very popular. But, the relationship between Dhurmus and Magne Budho turned sour. Magne left the serial and started producing other comedy videos. These days, Magne Budho has started a new comedy serial ‘Khas Khus’. Magne however couldn’t act in the serial much as he fell sick and had to take rest. Magne has recently shared the details of his health condition. He was initially diagnosed of ulcer like symptoms and was taking medication. The doctors have also given him depression medication because of the mental health issues.
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Namrata Shrestha recovering from sickness

Actress Namrata Shrestha had been sick since Dashain. When things became serious she was admitted to Norvic Hospital. After being treated and satisfactory improvement in her health she was recently discharged from the hospital.

namrata shrestha speaks

Namrata wasn’t feeling well on during the September 27 concert held in Basantpur, Kathmandu. The media had no clue about her illness until she got better. She reportedly was sick of typhoid.

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Shree Krishna Shrestha sends message from hospital bed

Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha has sent an audio message to his fans from the hospital bed. The actor who is being treated for pneumonia in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi hasn’t been able to participate in the promotion of his movie ‘Khoinoor’. Previously scheduled premier show has also been canceled because of the absence of the producers and lead actors of the movie Shree and Sweta Khadka. Shree Krishna and Sweta had married last month and they were in their honeymoon to India.

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Shree Krishna Shrestha fell sick on his honeymoon, Kohinoor promotion affected

New married actor Shree Krishna Shrestha has fallen sick on his honeymoon in India. In a message posted by his wife actress Sweta Khadka, Shree Krishna is having dry cough and doctors have asked him not to speak much.

Shree Krishna was a little sick on the day of the marriage. He was having the problem with cough for about a month. The doctors had also suggested him to reduce his weight. At the time of his marriage he had reduced his weight from 78 kg to 71 kg.

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Namrata Shrestha went through a surgery, halted shootings

Actress Namrata Shrestha went through a surgery on Monday. Right after the completion of her movie ‘Tandav’, she was bed-ridden because of typhoid. While sick, her stone problem also intensified, forcing the doctors to perform surgery to remove it. 

Namrata was diagnosed of stone few years earlier but, as it wasn’t creating problem she was asked to wait and drink a lot of liquid. After the surgery, the doctors have asked Namrata to take some rest. She has halted the shooting until she feels better. To take rest Namrata and her family are planning to go to Pokhara.

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Director Shiva Regmi air lifted to Kathmandu in serious condition

Well known Nepali film director Shiva Regmi is fighting for life in a hospital in Balkhu. He was being treated in Chitwan when the condition worsened and was air-lifted to Kathmandu in an air ambulance on Wednesday.

While being treated for pneumonia in the ICU of Chitwan Medical College Hospital. The plan to take him to India for treatment was also postponed because of the worsening health condition.

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Director Shiva Regmi in hospital

Well known director of Nepali movies, Shiva Regmi is admitted to hospital after he got seriously ill. He has been having problem with his kidney for some time and the doctors have suggested him to replace his kidneys.

Shiva Regmi is being treated in Om Hospital in Chabahil. He is not allowed to meet visitors on fear of infection. Regmi had been a patient of blood pressure and diabetes for a long time.

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Manisha Koirala admitted to hospital and diagnosed with cancer

Famous actress Manisha Koirala has been admitted to Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, India on Tuesday and according to media reports, she has been diagnosed with cancer.

According to sources, Manisha has not been keeping well from some time back and had even fallen unconscious. Before admitted to Jaslok Hospital, she was admitted to Norvic Hospital in Kathmandu.  She had come to Kathmandu at the beginning of November. More than a week ago, in twitter, she has mentioned of being down with bad food poisoning.  Continue reading