Rekha and Chhabi Ojha posed together, patched at last?

To dilute the effects of the divorce rumor between actress Rekha Thapa and producer Chhabi Raj Ojha, Chhabi posted some photos of the two together in his Facebook. The photos were taken during the shooting of their upcoming project ‘Hamesha’ which is being produced under Chhabiraj Films, in contrast to the previous films that used to be made under Rekha Films. Chhabi registered the company after the widespread news about their divorce.


It was later announced that the movie ‘Hamesha’ will again feature Rekha in lead role and actor Sabin Shrestha is featured opposite to Rekha. The movie is being directed by Sabir Shrestha. The production team is targeting the end of BS 2069 as the release date of the movie.

Rekha’s movie ‘Lanka’ is being released on Nov. 9.

Here are few unanswered questions people are asking:

  • Was the divorce rumor a mere rumor. But, both of them had admitted about living separately and desire to be separate.
  • Are they patched or is this only a business deal for ‘Hamesha’
  • Why are these photos released before the release of ‘Lanka’. Do they want to use these photos as marketing. (the strategy, if true, is working – we are writing abut the issue.)
  • Even if they are patched, will they be able to live together again?

The answers to these questions will be known in coming days. For the time being, let’s wish the couple truly patch their relationship and patch it permanently!

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