Rekha Thapa , Gauri Malla, Richa Sharma, Rajesh Hamal and Dayahang Rai talk movies in Literature festival in Pokhara (video)

Three actresses, Rekha Thapa, Gauri Malla and Richa Sharma were in Pokhara in the Literature Festival talking about the roles of actresses in Nepali movies. They have pointed that there is gender discrimination in the industry and it has to be eliminated. The actresses were being coordinated by journalist Kishor Nepal in a session titled “Cinemako Dukha Sukha”.

richa sharma gauri malla rekha thapa pokhara

Kishor introduced Gauri Malla as Mina Kumari of Nepali movie industry. He told Rekha Thapa is the hero, leading actor of Nepali movies. He said Richa Sharma – is known for excellent performance in ‘Loot’, ‘Talakjung VS Tulke’ and ‘Uma’.

Gauri told that it has been 30 years she had started acting in Nepali movie industry. Rekha claimed that her face represents the women from all parts of Nepal including the mountainous region, hilly region and the terai region.

In another session, actors Rajesh Hamal and Dayahang Rai talk in the theme of ‘Hero Hunuko Artha’ (second video attached below). The session is moderated by Yangesh. Yangesh told that it has been 25 years of acting in Nepali film industry.

Watch the video of the event ‘Cinima ko Dukha Sukha’:

Watch the sesssion ‘Hero Hunuko Artha’ (video quality is not that good):

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