Saayad 2 to feature Sandhya KC in leading role

The star cast of the fourth movie of Durgish Films banner has been finalized. According to the producer Sunil Rawal, the lead actors in the movie are Sandhya KC, Sushil Shrestha, Aashishman Deshraj Shrestha and Amrit Dhungana. Sushil Shrestha debuted in ‘Hostel Returns’ and Sandhya KC debuted in Bhuwan KC‘s upcoming movie ‘Dreams’. Others are new faces in the Nepali film industry.  Here is a video report:

The producer Sunil Rawal is known to introduce new actors and produce successful movies. His first movie ‘Saayad’ was directed by Suraj Subba Nalbo and was very successful. He produced another successful movie ‘Hostel’. After the release of ‘Hostel’s sequel ‘Hostel Returns’, Sunil is now producing the sequel of his first movie ‘Saayad’.

Like ‘Hostel Returns’, where no artists of ‘Hostel’ were repeated, no artists in ‘Saayad 2’ were seen in ‘Saayad’. The shooting of the movie is scheduled to start in mid-Baisakh. The movie is being directed by Pushparaj Neupane, cinematography of Purushottam Pradhan. The music of the movie are being composed by Hercules Basnet and Kali Prasad Baskota.

Saayad 2 artists

Sushil Shrestha – ‘Hostel Returns’ debut actor Sushil Shrestha is known for his physique and good looks. He has made a record in Durgish Films by being the first artist to be repeated in its movies. In response to the repetition, the producer Sunil Rawal has told that he was selected from the audition.

Sandhya KC– Actress Sandhya is a VJ in Image Channel. She debuted as the second leading actress in ‘Dreams’. Sandhya however wasn’t seen in the promotion and trailer of the movie. The promos of Bhuwan KC’s movie features the lead actor Anmol KC and lead actress Samragyee RL Shah. As Sandhya is going to be the sole lead actress in ‘Sayaad 2’, that would a turning point in her acting career. Sandhya’s good looks had been talked a lot and some say, she looks similar to the Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai (read about that in Nepaliactress.)

Aashishman Deshraj Shrestha – The new actor Aashishman Deshraj Shrestha is also the talk of Nepali film industry as his mother is also an actress and is the Chief Business Officer at Megha Bank, Rabina Deshraj.

Amrit Dhungana – The actor Amrit Dhungana had been featured in various short movies before, and this is the debut big-screen movie of the budding actor.

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