Rekha Thapa planning to be a mom in 5 years

Looks like, it is the season of  actresses being mom in Bollywood and in Nepali movie industry. Soon after the news of Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai expecting a child, rumor of pregnancy of another actress, Lara Dutta, proved to be true.


In our Nepali movie industry, pregnancy of Arunima Lamsal and news of Sanchita Luitel expecting twins after her second marriage with Nikhil Upreti created an unique environment to bring together the five top actresses in Nepali movie industry.

After these pregnancies, the married actresses in Nepali movie industry are facing increased number of questions on when they are going to be mothers. Among the actresses, Rekha Thapa is the most probable candidate to become a mother. Rekha is married to Chhabi Ojha for almost 10 years. Rekha currently is in the top position among the Nepali actresses and it seems, she is not willing to sacrifice her career to get pregnant. When asked by the journalist of Filmy khabar, Rekha told that she hasn’t thought about getting pregnant now and it might take as long as five years to give birth to her first child.

It is a normal thing for actresses to wait until their demand start to take a downward trend to think about their personal lives. Actress Arunima Lamsal had also waited a long time after marriage before deciding to be a mom. I think, actresses should also think about their personal life before it is too late.

Do you think Rekha should wait another five years before she decide to give birth to her first child?

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