Rekha Thapa says she doesn’t have Malaysian visa

In our inquiry on the reason behind her cancelation of the visit to Malaysia for the cultural program ‘Remix Dhamaka 5’, Rekha told that she doesn’t have a Malaysian visa to travel to the country.

remix dhamaka poster

Although the press release of the event organizers mention about the cost of visa and tickets, Rekha told that she doesn’t have any visa on her passport.

She told, "I don’t have a Malaysia visa. They said that the visa will be issued in immigration. But, it is almost impossible."

On our inquiry, we found that Nepali citizens are only allowed a maximum of 120-hours free transit-visa for air-transit only at some of the airports. In Rekha’s case, she should have the visa ready beforehand. (Refer Malaysia Government website).

We don’t know if Rekha could have applied for Malaysian visa in US.