Rekha Thapa with US scarf, Nepali flag and the love of nation

After reaching the USA, Rekha Thapa had posted a few photos of hers on Facebook, wearing a scarf with UK/US flag printed on it. Some journalists had criticized Rekha for wearing such a scarf and accused her of embracing foreign lifestyle. Such an accusations have hurt Rekha’s sentiment and she told us, “I Love my country Nepal for ever.”

Hurt by the media report, she wore a Nepali flag on her chest. But, to her dismay, nobody noticed the photo and there were no report about Rekha’s love for her nation.

Talking to us, Rekha complained about the negative attitude of media and told that she loves our nationand nobody can separate her from Nepal.

We don’t think wearing a scarf with an UK/US flag print signify anything. A lot of Nepali pride themselves wearing clothes with foreign flags prints. (Photo credits – Rekha Thapa)

7 thoughts on “Rekha Thapa with US scarf, Nepali flag and the love of nation

  1. Nepalese journalism has come to bottom point that now its a news when actress wears a foreign flas scarf. And peculiar thing is it is NOT a US flag clearly. Might be UK or Australia.

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