Shweta Khadka & Majhi Basti controversy

Actress Shweta Khadka announced the construction of Majhi Basti in 2017. For that, she had registered an organization after her late husband Shree Krishna Shrestha.

The Shweta Shree Foundation’s website says:

Shweta Shree Foundation (SSF) was established on 26th February, 2017, as a non-profit,charity oriented towards social service. SSF focuses on providing help to underprivileged and ultra-poor people so that they can help themselves to face their economic and social hardships and eventually become independent. The Foundation was established in the fond memory of Late Shreekrishna Shrestha, one of the famous cine and theater actors of Nepal, by his life companion Mrs. Ranjana Khadka who is well-known by her nick name SHWETA.

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Sweta Khadka appointed Goodwill Ambassador of campaign against child marriage and dowry system

Actress Sweta Khadka seems to have recovered from the mourning of the death of her husband, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha. In the program held to appoint her the Goodwill Ambassador of a campaign to eradicate childhood marriage and dowry system, Sweta looked like the old Sweta, happy and beautiful. Her smile has returned back and she was excited to participate in the social work. She told that she was promoting the campaign without any pay.

Video report on Sweta Khadka’s appointment as the goodwill ambassador:

Actor Dr. CK Singh is also supporting the campaign started by Raj Kumar Mahato. In 2014, I wrote about actress Garima Pant and CK Singh’s participation in a NGO to eradicate child marriage and dowry. The film artists had participated in the campaign to create awareness in the issues. Sweta’s role seem to be similar although the name of the organization has changed now. In 2014, the NGO was named BHORE. Now, the name of the organization is changed to Child Marriage and Dowry Eradication National Campaign, Nepal.

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Rekha Thapa selects 3 girls and a boy to be raised by Rekha Thapa Foundation

Actress Rekha Thapa has expressed her happiness on the success of her social work tour of the Far Western region of Nepal. On Wednesday she visited Raute community people at the Jogbudha VDC of Dadeldhura. After receiving warm welcome and meeting with the community members, Rekha has returned back to Dhangadi.

rekha thapa in raute community

During the meeting with the community Rekha was impressed by the love, respect and closeness shown by the people. She says, "I got the happiness that can’t be bought by money." As promised before, Rekha also adopted three girls and a boy to support them under Rekha Thapa Foundation. The Foundation will provide all the needs of the kids including health and education.

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Rekha Thapa starts social work, on her way to meet Raute children

During the premier of ‘Kali’ in Hong Kong, Rekha Thapa had announced her desire to start active participation in social work. In the event, Rekha had announce about spending some quality time with Raute children and help the children in their upbringing and education. As per the announcement, actress Rekha Thapa has headed towards Western Nepal, Surkhet on Friday, December 13. She will spend 24 hours in the area.

Rekha is planning to adopt four Raute children in her non-government organization, Rekha Thapa Foundation (RTF), for the upbringing and to provide education. Raute is a primitive community living mainly in forests in the Western Nepal. They mainly live in Surkhet and Mahendranagar area. Rekha will choose four 5 to 9 years old children to give shelter in RTF in Kathmandu.

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Rekha Thapa explains why she is not uneducated

Actress Rekha Thapa had wanted to head the Nepal Film Development Board (FDB), but her peers had rejected Rekha for not being competent enough. In response to her rejection, Rekha had organized the meet the press event in New York during her month-long visit to USA.

Rekha Thapa had stopped her education after SLC and she didn’t go to college. In the meet-the-press event held in New York, she told that some people call her ‘uneducated’ because of the lack of higher education. She added – those who call her uneducated are fool themselves. She called herself a knowledgeable and capable person in her profession.

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Shobita and Nirajan spent their marriage cost for the school children

Shobita Simkhada and Nirajan Bhandari have gone out of the way to help the needy and set an example on how one can make a difference in somebody’s life. Our sincere thanks to the newly married couple. Keep the good works!

Actress Shobita Simkhada and media-person Nirajan Bhandari had married in May. The marriage was a low-profile event – without parties and celebrations. The couple had promised to spend all the money required to do a "Normal" type of marriage to social causes.

And, they have kept the promise! Two schools in Gumdi of Dhading district will be receiving life-long support from the new couple.

Kantipur quotes that they will pay the cost of the education of Radhika Mijar of grade 3 and Biraj Sunar of class 1 in Kalika Devi Primary School. Similarly, they will also provide the cost of education of Sun Bahadur Gurung (Grade 10), Sunita Basnet and Shova Nepali (Grade 9), Tika Maya Mijar (Grade 8), and Roshan Shrestha of Grade 4 in Tamakharka Higher Secondary school.

The total cost of support will be Rs. 50,000 per year. They might also support two students in plus two in the future.

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