Rekha Thapa talks about her life in Dishanirdesh of Bijaya Kumar Pandey

Bijay Kumar Pandey’s talk show, Dishanirdesh, featured Rekha Thapa, the top actress in Nepali movie industry. In the show she talked about here reel life, real life, and her thoughts and feelings.


Rekha told how she started acting in movies. She also told that she appeared in SLC after acting in her first movie ‘Hero’. After that she didn’t go to school. Rekha doesn’t regret her decision not to continue her studies beyond 10th grade.

In the interview Rekha also discusses about marrying a person much older than herself. While talking about shortcomings and benefits of being a celebrity, Rekha remembered the time her father died. When she was crying for her father, some people even though that she was acting – Rekha felt very bad when she learnt about what people thought. At that time, some people thought the last ritual ceremony was held for the shooting of a movie and didn’t realize that it was a real life event.

[The video is deleted at the source]

UPDATE: The interview was taken right after she left Chhabi and started living with her mother. The interview as taken by Bijay Kumar Pandey for his program Dishanirdesh.

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