Loot 2 in making, Nischal Basnet interview

The director of the superhit movie ‘Loot’, Nischal Basnet, has told that he has found the story of the sequel of the movie ‘Loot 2’. It seems every successful movies (and event unsuccessful movies) are being made into sequels.

He told that he has also started the writing of the script of the movie. Talking to Setoparda, Nischal told that the formal announcement of the sequel will be done in near future.

Watch the interview:

Nischal told that he is currently busy in the preparation for the marriage. Nischal and Swastima Khadka had recently engaged and going to get married on February 17.

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Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai talk about their relationship in a TV interview

In their US tour, the Nepali superstar and his wife Madhu Bhattarai talked to the local television, White Himal TV. This is the first time the superstar couple has appeared together in a television interview.

rajesh hamal and madhu bhattarai in usa

In the interview, the couple have discussed about their honeymoon trip, their marriage, relationship and future plans.

Watch the interview video:

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Rajesh Hamal special interview in Rajatpat about Madhu Bhattarai affair

The recent episode of the film related TV program ‘Rajatpat’ featured an interview of . In the interview, Rajesh revealed some of the facts previously not known. Talking about their first meeting, Rajesh told that he had invited her to call him by giving his visiting card. Madhu called him a day before his birthday and they were together on his birthday.

Referring to her passport and official documents Rajesh told that Madhu is 28 years old. That makes the age difference between Rajesh and Madhu more than 20 years.

He also talked about 8-years long affair to a foreign girl and his first affair with his Indian girlfriend when he was 22 years old.

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Julian Assange – talks about WikiLeaks (videos)

Julian Assange the 39 year-old founder of whistleblower website, WikiLeaks, is a mysterious personality. His mother tells him to be ‘very intelligent’. An Australian hacker has a record of being arrested on 18 hacking charges, and wanted by Interpol for sexual charges.

Julian explains – “Why the world needs WikiLeaks” in a talk with TED’s Chris Anderson. In th e19 minutes video he explains how the site operates, what it has accomplished, and what drives him.

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Former King Gyanendra Interview Video – Monarchy is not finished yet…

After three years of being a general public, former king Gyanendra has indicated that he can see his role widening in the country. Gyanendra thinks the people still love him and one day he will be a king again. When asked what might be the reason for the end of monarchy, Gyanendra told, “I think monarchy is not finished in first place…”.

To answer a question about his future plans, Gyanendra told, “Stay in Nepal, serve Nepal, serve Nepali. My plan was the same in the past and will be same in the future.”

Interview courtesy Avenues TV.

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