TV Filmy Cake and Media attention on Rekha Thapa

The prime minister, Madhav Kumar Nepal, offered cake to all the artists during the inauguration of the only film related television in Nepal, TV Filmy. But, media attention was focused on the hot and top actress in Nepali movie industry, Rekha Thapa.


The photo above, posted by a newspaper in Nepal, Nagariknews, was discussed widely in online forums and Facebook. But, it was not much discussed that PM Nepal fed everybody the cake and only Rekha Thapa got the lime light.

Rekha should be enjoying the free publicity as she is known to love extra publicity. Rekha was talked about when she danced with Prachanda and when she made made a brother out of the YCL president, Sagar. She is also acting in a Maoist movie Jaljala, shooting of which is going on.

In the following photo, PM Nepal is seen feeding cake to the owner of Gopi Krishna Movies and TV Filmy, Uddav Poudyal (Photo credits – Nagariknews).


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