Rekha Thapa, the new singer actress of 2016 after Priyanka, Pooja and Chhulthim

A After the release of music video of actresses Priyanka Karki, Pooja Sharma and Chhulthim Gurung, another actress, Rekha Thapa, has given voice to one of the songs of an upcoming movie ‘Lal Jodi’. Within a week of new year, five Nepali actresses have shown their singing talent. Three actresses Priyanka, Pooja and Chhulthim released music videos in YouTube, actress Gauri Malla showed off her singing talent in a musical program and actress Rekha Thapa sang for a movie. The question arises, are they really talented as singers? The listeners will surely make their judgments. (Read the previous report on 3 singing actresses)

rekha thapa sings

For Rekha, singing is not a new hobby. She had given voice to a couple of songs in movies and has also released an album. During the ‘Lal Jodi’ song recording, Rekha told that she will only sing for movie, not for YouTube uploads.

The movie ‘Lal Jodi’ is an upcoming movie by director Laxman Subedi. The movie team has confirmed that Nikhil Upreti will be featured in leading role and the names of other actors will be released in future. The songs are being recorded on the music of Thaneshowr Gautam and lyrics of the director Subedi. The song Rekha sang is a duet song with singer Praladh Timilsina.

In the past, Rekha had given voice to a song in her home production movie ‘Barsat’. She has also composed music of her upcoming movie ‘Ram Pyari’.


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