Rajesh Hamal featured as a female character, Sakuntala

On Monday, January 4, Rajesh Hamal was seen in a female appearance – wearing saree, blouse and a huge bindi on forehead. The get up was for his upcoming movie ‘Sakuntala’. Rajesh is being featured in a female’s role in the movie as the lead character of the female-oriented movie.

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Two weeks ago when the movie was announced in a press meet, Rajesh and the film team had kept Rajesh Hamal’s role in the movie. Rajesh had given a clue by saying, “Sakuntala can be anybody. A male can be Sakuntala and a female can also be Sakuntala.’


The actress Anu Shah had told that her role would be that of a journalist and she had asked the journalists in the press meet to wait till the first look or the shooting of the movie to know the truth about the leading character.

It is probably the first time Rajesh Hamal is being featured in a female role in his entire movie career. This new get-up is expected to spark the interest on the superstar in coming days. The transformation of a handsome Rajesh Hamal into a beautiful Sakuntala took about three hours.

With Rajesh Hamal and Anu Shah, the movie also features Kishor Khatiwada, Rabi Giri, Rabindra Basnet and Pradeep Uday. The movie director Dinesh Shrestha has also written the script and dialogue of the movie.

Watch the video of the Rajesh Hamal’s transformation:

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