Suvekshya Thapa uses religious ‘khada’ to cover herself, protest

UPDATE: After the protest of various Sherpa organizations, Suvekshya Thapa has apologized for the mistake and has told that she had no intention of hurting Buddhist people. In the mean time, various organizations had asked Thapa to be punished for undermining their faith and beliefs by using holy Khada to cover her body parts.


Actress Suvekshya Thapa is known to create controversy for the promotion of her movies. Like her previous movies, Suvekshya has chosen to show off her body to promote her upcoming movie ‘Bindaas 3’. In the photos published in onlinekhabar, Suvekshya has covered her body under religious shawl-like cloth – ‘Khada’. ‘Khada’ is used to honor and appreciate people and it is also offered to the god in Buddhist culture.

suvekshya thapa khada

In the photos, Suvekshya has wrapped a blue khada to look like skirt and a white one to cover the upper body parts. She is well covered and this looks a lot better than the photos she did for the promotion of her previous movie ‘Miss Nepal’. The promotional photo of her earlier movie was copied from Bollywood actress pose in which she had used a fish to cover the upper part of her body.

The people of Buddhist culture have started their protest against the actress for undermining the cultural and religious significance of ‘Khada’. I think, the protest is what Suvekshya wants for the promotion of her upcoming movie.

Similar controversy in the past

I think, this is not Suvekshya’s original idea. In the past Rekha Thapa was also criticized when she used yellow dress to cover her body in a song in ‘Hifajat’. The controversy caused the local government to stop the screening of the movie.

The protest was for the following dress:

The authorities later determined that the dress didn’t harm Hindu religious sentiments and the screening of the movie was resumed.

Miss Nepal promotional photo:

Bindaas controversies

The director Raju Giri uses controversies to promote movies. The previous two sequels of ‘Bindaas’ were full of controversies in terms of relationship with actresses and the photos of sexual in nature. One of the posters of the first sequel was banned for over exposure on the poster. And the tattoo on the actress Sushma Karki was also objected by the Censor Board.

The poster of the second sequel ‘Bindaas 2’ was stolen from a Hindi movie poster. The director had asked the actress Anisha Ghishing to take off her clothes for the poster. Anisha later accused the director of tricking her to feature her in such a pose.

Movies mentioned:

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