Rekha’s film directed by Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar to feature Saugat Malla

The ‘Megha’ director Samjhana Upreti Rauniar is going to direct Rekha Thapa‘s next movie. The movie is also going to feature Saugat Malla in leading role. The shooting of the unnamed movie is scheduled to start in Chath festival.

rekha thapa with samjhana upreti rauniyar

Photo : Rekha Thapa with Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar

Currently busy in ‘Tathastu’, Rekha is also working on ‘Himmatwali’, a movie scheduled to release in Dashain festival. Although Rekha directed ‘Himmatwali’ after the removal of the original director Shyam Bhattarai, Rekha should have realized directing is not her cup of cake.

With Rekha Films, Samjhana’s Sabasta Entertainment will also invest in the upcoming movie.

In addition to Rekha’s film, Samjhana has also announced a sequel of ‘Megha’. The sequel will also feature Rekha Thapa. The actress of ‘Megha’, Namrata Shrestha however won’t appear in the sequel.

We reported about Samjhana and Rekha working together in February. At that time, the relationship between Rekha and Namrata was eased for a while when they celebrated Tihar festival in Karishma Manandhar‘s house. Now it seems, Namrata is out and we have no information about whether Karishma or Niruta Singh will get any roles in the movie.

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