RIP Anu Shrestha, wife of Purushottam Pradhan died

After 24 days of delivery of her daughter, the wife of well known cinematographer Purushottam Pradhan, Anu Shrestha, has died at her home. According to the report, she had died at around midnight on Thursday. Anu wasn’t feeling well for the last couple of days. The exact cause of the death is not known now.

purushottam pradhan and anu

Purushottam and Anu had been having affair for a long time before getting married. Purushottam and Anu had married this year on Baisakh 26. Anu had given birth to a daughter on Falgun 12.

Known for being one of the best cinematographer in Nepali film industry, Purushottam, is in deep shock on the death of his wife. The xnepali team is also express deep sorrow on the death of Anu and wish the deceased soul rest in peace.

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