Cinematographer Purushottam Pradhan blessed with a daughter

Popular cinematographer Purushottam Pradhan is blessed with a daughter. Purushottam and Anu Shrestha were married nine months earlier on Baisakh 27. The healthy daughter was born on Falgun 12, 2071 BS.

purushottam pradhan daughter (1)

Purushottam Pradhan is a well known cinematographer with credits like ‘Loot’ (watch ‘Loot’ here), ‘Kabaddi’ (watch ‘Kabaddi’ here), Vigilante, ‘Maya’s Bar’ (Watch ‘Mayas Bar’ here) and others.

A photo of the expetant father and mother, a month before the birth:

xNepali team congratulates Purushottam and Anu Shrestha for the birth of their daughter. We wish the success and prosperity of the new life.

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