Shree Krishna Shrestha cremated after state honor

State honor was offered to late Shree Krishna Shrestha before cremating at Pashupati. The body of Shree was covered in the national flag of Nepal and a team of Nepal Police offered salute to the actor.

The representative of Nepal Government, communication minister Minendra Rijal covered the body of Shree Krishna by the National flag of Nepal before Shree’s brother ignited the body.

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Sahana Bajrachary and Suraj Giri found making it out in a car

UPDATE – Suraj and Sahana Bajracharya have released a joint statement telling that this report is not true.

Kantipur VJ duo Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri were reportedly found interlocked inside Suraj’s private car in Chitwan. According to a report in Sanghu weekly, they were having fun in the car at around 3:00 AM when police spotted the shaking car. When they looked inside, they found Sahana and Suraj in near naked state.

When Sahana and Suraj told that they were Kantipur journalists, the police left them alone. The police officers had reportedly called the news chief Tirtha Koirala and Bhushan Dahal to confirm they were journalists.

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