Shree Krishna Shrestha cremated after state honor

State honor was offered to late Shree Krishna Shrestha before cremating at Pashupati. The body of Shree was covered in the national flag of Nepal and a team of Nepal Police offered salute to the actor.

The representative of Nepal Government, communication minister Minendra Rijal covered the body of Shree Krishna by the National flag of Nepal before Shree’s brother ignited the body.

Video of the procession to carry body from the airport:

Film artists, political leaders, journalists and huge amount of public was present at Arya Ghat for the last good bye to the actor. Before moving to Arya Ghat, Shree’s body was scheduled to be kept at Pragya Pratisthan for public display. But, when the crowd of public couldn’t be controlled, the body was not kept there and was moved to Pashupati.

Shree Krishna’s wife Sweta Khadka was is a great pain in the loss of her husband of a month.

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