Sanchita Luitel – baby and pregnant belly (Photos)

Sanchita Luitel gave birth to the little boy on August 21, 2011. Both the mother and the child are well and Nikhil Upreti has also arrived from Mumbai to meet his child.

UPDATE: Sanchita with her newborn child:


Posted below are some photos before the birth of the child:

Sanchita took the photo opportunity to feature herself draped in a yellow robe printed with Hindu prayers. (Photo credit Facebook)

Sanchita and Rejina Uprety – one months before the birth of the child. (Photo credit – Nagariknews)

Actresses seen in the Dahi Chiura ceremony in Arunima Lamsal‘s home. Arunima is also pregnant and is expecting a child soon. Other actresses present in the ceremony were Rekha Thapa, Rejina Upreti, and Richa Ghimire.

For the first time, Sanchita showed her belly by participating in the Bartabandha party of the son of comedy actor Nirmal Sharma (Gainda). (Photo credits Facebook)

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  1. Sanchita,
    You were Famous now in a Bad Way, Finding Happiness in other’s Sorrow is Selfish act and you have shown that you are not a Modern, Vibrant and Morally cultured woman, You could have been better! Shame on you!

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