Do you know Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita Luitel children?

It might sound like a puzzle, but it is not:

Nikhil Upreti has three children. But his wife, Sanchita Luitel has only two children. Who is the third?

Well, Nikhil has two wives. Although he is still married to both of them, he is seen mostly with Sanchita and his children with her. The eldest son, from his first wife, seem to be left out. I made this conclusion based on the review of the Facebook profiles of Sanchita Luitel and Kopila Upreti. While Sanchita is sharing photos of Nikhil with his children in her profile, Kopila doesn’t share photos of Nikhil with his son. As Nikhil doesn’t have a Facebook account, his wives are the sources of his information.

Sanchita Luitel’s marriages

Beautiful actress Sanchita Luitel was still in her teens when she decided to get married. The first marriage, with Aakash Shah didn’t go well from the beginning. The families were not happy by the marriage. After a short while they decided to separate and divorced.
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Nikhil running away from Kopila

Actor Nikhil Upreti is apparently running away from his first wife Kopila Upreti. When Nikhil Upreti’s first wife, Kopila Upreti showed up unannounced during the announcement of Nikhil’s next movie ‘Commitment 60 hours’, he was really shocked. While Kopila wanted have a talk with him, Nikhil wasn’t in the mood to meet her. He asked his assistants to shoo her away.

Kopila wasn’t event allowed into the program. By the way she was being treated, it was clear that Nikhil and Kopila are not having a good time these days.

A few days ago, Nikhil had celebrated birthday at the maternal home of his second wife, Sanchita Luitel and their children.

Video report:

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Is Nikhil Upreti is being the victim of the tussle between two wives Sachita and Kopila?

I prepared a video about Nikhil Upreti wising Valentine Day wishes to one of his two wives and ignoring another. I was surprised by the way he treaded one to another when the photos of the status of Nikhil Upreti and Kopila Upreti were published in Nepal Samacharpatra – a National Daily.

I don’t use Facebook much these days. I only visit it when I need to investigate something. I did proper check on Nikhil’s account. It looked genuine for the following reasons:

  • Nepal Samacharpatra had published a photo from the account. (I assumed they were responsible media.)
  • In an interview Nikhil had admitted that he didn’t have a Facebook account and he was planning to open a new account. And, that was a new account. Less than a month old.
  • I checked the list of the friends in the account. Most of them were well known personalities in the film industry. I expected they won’t be-friend a fake account.
  • Based on her past posts and interactions, it was clear that Kopila Upreti’s account was not a fake account. Nikhil’s account had mentioned Kopila in many of the posts. So, I assumed it wasn’t a fake account.

Fake Account of Nikhil Upreti?

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Sanchita gave birth to Nikhil’s son – on Krishna Janmasthmi

The first child of the unofficial marriage between Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti is born on August 21, 2011 at around 11 PM in Kathmandu. According to the reports, the doctors in Norvic Hospital had performed caesarean section operation on Sanchita. Although Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita had lived together for about a year in Mumbai, the marriage between the two is not official.

Nikhil Upreti has a one-year-old son with his first wife, Kopila Upreti, with whom he hasn’t divorced yet.  Nikhil Upreti arrived in Kathmandu yesterday to meet Sanchita.

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Nikhil says, he is married to Sanchita … again

It was an open secret till date. Both Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita Luitel had told that they were married and Nikhil had gone to Mumbai to live with Sanchita. It was only Nikhil’s first wife, Kopila, who refused to accept the truth. Due to the sympathy towards Kopila Upreti and their young kid, people wished that Nikhil was in vacation in Mumbai and will return back soon.

Nikhil decided to close the chapter by writing a letter to a newspaper, Samacharpatra, in Nepal, explaining how and when he married Sanchita Luitel. He also told that he is living with Sanchita in a flat in Mumbai.

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Sanchita talked about her marriage with Nikhil

Sanchita Luitel, for the first time, has publicly told that she has married Nikhil Upreti. In a program, Rajatpat, broadcasted in Kantipur TV on Wednesday, she has told that after a 3-year-long affair, they had married some two years back. Sanchita also claimed that Nikhil hasn’t lived with his official wife, Kopila Upreti, since then.

Sanchita told that Nikhil didn’t want to flash the marrige to public so they didn’t tell about it then. In the interview she also told that she will bing Nikhil back to Nepal soon.

Sanchita also told that she is planning to act in an indian TV serial. Sanchita is in Kathmandu to do the dubbing of Alok Newang movie, Kohi Mero.
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Rose Rana charged by police (again)

Producer, actor, and soon to-be-director of Nepali movies, Roj Rana (or Rose Rana) is accused in human trafficking charges.

Rose has produced and acted in ‘Takkar Dui Mutuko’, which is being screened in theaters in Kathmandu. Another movie ‘Dosti’ is being screened in theaters out of Kathmandu. In the past he has produced movies like ‘Khalnayak‘, ‘Dadagiri‘, and ‘Don‘.

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Sanchita and Nikhil causing movie delays

Absence of Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti in Kathmandu has caused delay in production of, at least, a couple of movies.

Sanchita hasn’t completed the dubbing of Nepali movie “Bandi” and the director of the movie Bijaya Kerung is looking for an alternative artist to do the dubbing for her role. Bijaya was planning to ask Niruta Singh to do the dubbing but it turned out that Niruta’s voice didn’t match the character.

It is told that Sanchita’s family has informed that she won’t return Nepal for the few more months. In Bandi, apart from Sanchita Arunima Luitel, Dilip Rayamajhi, and Suman Singh are in main role.

Similarly, absence of Nikhil has has halted the the shooting of another movie, “Kasam”. Director of Kasam Laxman Rijal told that he doesn’t know when Nikhil will return back. Everything except the scenes involving Nikhil has been completed and Laxman is waiting for Nikhil’s return.

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Kopila Upreti getting more aggressive in Nikhil and Sanchita relationship

In the phone interview Kopila Upreti, official Mrs. Nikhil Upreti, repeated more than once that she has faith in Nikhil; indicating Kopila herself being unsure about the latest report on Nikhil and Sanchita’s marriage.

Kopila, in another TV appearance, a Sagarmatha TV program, reportedly told that, she can give life for Nikhil and can also take his life if he betrays her. Mother of Nikhil’s six month old child, Kopila, sound feeling betrayed by the actor, already.

Nikhil Upreti reportedly told that he has married Sanchita Luitel when he left for Mumbai a week back. His wife Kopila Upreti however told that he will conduct a press conference when he returns back on Sunday (March 28). Today is Tuesday and we haven’t heard from Nikhil yet.

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Nikhil and Sanchita aren’t married, Kopila Upreti

Avenues TV has brought another version of the story of marriage between Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita Luitel. Avenues TV’s telephone interview with Kopila Upreti, Mrs. Nikhil Upreti, tells that the news is fake. She also told that she has talked with Nikhil Upreti about the news. According to Kopila, Nikhil will conduct a press conference on Sunday, when he returns from Mumbai, to reveal the reality. Nikhil and Kopila have a 6 month old child.

We also wish the news was fake and the married life of Kopila and Nikhil will continue till death do them part!

Video of the interview follows: (removed)