Sapana Timro Mero to release on August 7

The release date of Rishi Raj Acharya movie ‘Sapana Timro Mero’ has been scheduled to August 7 (Shrawan 22). The movie previously scheduled to release in June (Jestha 29) had been canceled after the devastating earthquake of April 25.

sapana timro mero dance

The movie features Sushant Karki, Sabin Shrestha, Janwi Bohara, Rashmi Bhatta, Arjun Dev in main roles. The movie made on a triangular love story features the script and production of the director Rishiraj Acharya. The movie is co produced by the actress Janwi Bohara with others. The music in the movie is composed by Arjun Pokharel, cinematography by Rahul Rai, choreography by Gambhir Bista, action by Samrat Basnet and editing by Nabin Niraula.