Saroj Khanal arrives in Nepal with his wife Suryamala Sharma

Saroj Khanal has arrived in Nepal with his wife, Suryamala Sharma, and younger son on June 11, Thursday. His elder son didn’t join his parents as he is serving in the US Army for the next seven years.

After living 17 years in the USA Nepali actor Saroj Khanal has flown back to Nepal to permanently live and work in his birthplace on July 9, 2015. A group of Nepali had gathered at the airport in Virginia to see him off. Before boarding the flight, Saroj told that he is planning to continue acting and work in social sector.

saroj khanal returns back

Saroj Khanal has recently constructed a house in Baluwatar, Kathmandu. Although he had frequently visited Nepal in the past in short-term duration, this is told to be a permanent move. In reports, he has also sold the house and car in the USA.

We wrote about Saroj’s return a while ago. Saroj’s decision to return back to Nepal with his family is considered a bold move.

Who is Suryamala Sharma ?

Both Saroj Khanal and his wife Suryamala Sharma were the well known actors in Nepali film industry. Suryamala started her acting career with a play titled ‘Prativa Aakash Magchhe’ in 2039 BS. She acted in more than 100 theater plays and more than 50 tele-films before moving to the USA with her husband.

In an interview a while ago, Suryamala had expressed her interest in returning to acting. With Saroj Khanal, it seems, we might also get back a very good actress.

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