Secret love affair of Rekha Thapa, Chhabi marriage was only an agreement

In an interview with an online magazine, actress Rekha Thapa has told that she was having an affair with an unknown lover, while she was married to Chhabi Raj Ojha.

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Rekha said that the affair was a love at the first meet.

Did Rekha love Chhabi Raj Ojha?

Rekha said that she never loved Chhabi Raj Ojha. She had actually used him for her success in the movie industry. She married him to establish herself in the Nepali movie industry.

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About the marriage with Chhabi, Rekha says, "I didn’t love Chhabi ji. I would like to say it was only an agreement. He was a good guardian to me."

The love-less marriage lasted ten years before  the breakup.

Rekha’s Extra-marital affair

Rekha met her lover in the airplane when she was flying to Biratnagar after she got the news of the death of her father. Rekha fell in love while going to attend the funeral of her own father and on top of that, she was also a married to Chhabi.

Defending about extra-marital affair Rekha said, "Even lord Sri Krishna was having an affair with Radha while he had a wife at home. If gods can have lovers while being married, why can’t we human love another person while being married to another?"

Rekha told that it was she who started the affair. She said, "May be he also loved me but, I was the one who was crazier than him." Rekha added, "Being loved is one of the sweetest moments in life. I was crazy in his love."

The Break up

Rekha didn’t explain the events leading to the break up. All she told that the lover left her all of a sudden and didn’t return back.

While Rekha was busy in the shooting of ‘Kasle Choryo Mero Man’, her lover switched off and never came back. Rekha waited for the message from him but, he got lost. Rekha says, "I have heard that he got married a few years ago."

Our analysis

We at xnepali discussed about the news and decided not to believe in Rekha’s story. She is known to create scandals to get news headlines. In the past Rekha had sensualized her and other people’s issues to promote movies or to make news. Here are points why the story might be fake:

  • When a father dies, a daughter don’t fell in love at ‘first sight’. Rekha was flying to see her dead father and falling in love at that time doesn’t make sense.
  • Rekha has talked about the affair in filmy way. It sound more like a movie story than a real one.
  • The lover left all of a sudden and Rekha feels happy about the love affair; that doesn’t sound like actress Rekha Thapa.

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