Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha officially divorced, Chhabi’s marriage in making

The top actress of Nepali film industry Rekha Thapa has been officially divorced. Rekha and Chhabi Raj Ojha had separated in 2012 after living together for more than a decade. After four years of living separately, Chhabi had reportedly asked Rekha to sign the divorce papers. There are rumours that Chhabi has found a model girlfriend to marry. Before marrying a new girl, Chhabi had to get the official divorce from Rekha. That is told to be the reason behind the sudden divorce at the court, after living separately for more than four years.

Watch a video report on the case:

Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha relationship

In various interviews, Rekha Thapa had publicly admitted that the marriage wasn’t a marriage at all. She told, it was an agreement of living together. Even without Rekha’s statement, the marriage seem like a deal than love-relationship.

That is because:

  • In every movies of Chhabi Raja Ojha after marrying Rekha, she was the only lead actress. The movies he chose to produce were written such that it fits Rekha Thapa in leading role. Right after Rekha and Chhabi separated, Chhabi featured Rajani KC in ‘Loafer’.
  • Rekha managed to register the film production banner named Rekha Films, after Chhabi’s relationship with his previous partners Shyam Khetan and Naresh Poudel. There were rumours that Rekha was the cause behind the problem in the relationship between Chhabi and Naresh Poudel. Rekha had termed Naresh Poudel as her godfather during the promotion of the movie ‘Kali’.
  • Rekha didn’t give birth to any children in the decade-long relationship. That proves that, Rekha had no plan to live with Chhabi forever.
  • The relationship between Chhabi and Rekha ended at the time when Rekha was the top actress in the Nepali film industry.
  • According to this article, Chhabi had proposed to marry Rekha even before signing her in her debut movie ‘Hero’. She had started living with Chhabi before formally marrying him.
  • Chhabi Raj Ojha was twice married before marrying Rekha. His first wife had left him and the second had committed suicide. He was more than twice her age. After the marriage, she had often complained about the age difference and their time together.

After the relationship ended, Rekha had accused Chhabi of a lot of things including killing his previous wife. Watch the following video to see what she told. (the text is attached below):

rekha thapa and chhabi ojha divorce

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