Pokhara Restaurant (Part 1)

This is a series about the touristic attraction of Pokhara. Pokhara, the tourist-destination in Nepal has a lot of attractive touristic places. While they are in Pokhara, restaurants are the places to get their daily needs – the food.

There are good foods, bad foods, local foods, international foods and they have various grades. So, I am going through what types food are available in Pokhara and where they are available. The article previously talked about things more than foods that are served in the locations. Now, it is only food and good food that you can eat and enjoy to the fullest.

In addition to restaurants, other touristic attractions are also dealt in other articles in the series.

There are restaurants in every corner of the city. All varieties of restaurants are available at touristic locations like Baidam, Lakeside and Damside. That is the tourist district along the north shore of the Fewa lake

The area is mainly made up of small shops, non-star tourist hotels, restaurants, and bars. Better hotels are located at the southern shore of the Lake and southeastern side of the city where there are more open lands and unhindered view of the surrounding mountains are available.

Out of the 7 lakes in the locality, three are mostly popular – Fewa, Begnas and Rupa lake. Others aren’t that popular:

The 7 lakes are:
Begnas Lake
Rupa Lake
Khaste lake
Maidi lake
Neureni lake
Dipang lake
Fewa Lake

Most of the tourists who visit Pokhara also trek to the Annapurna Base Camp and Mustang. The east end of the Pokhara valley, in Lekhnath municipality, there are seven smaller lakes such as Lake is known for its fishery projects.

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