Callgirls in Pokhara – Restaurant Girls (Part 1)

There are different types of sex workers in Pokhara. Some girls run their business in hotels and others in restaurants. But, every girls in restaurants are not in such an illegal trade. But, it is also true that there are a lot of sex worker girls in restaurant.

Sex is one of the most ancient business of mankind. But, it has been declared illegal in Nepal. Although the police arrests sex workers from some hotels and restaurants, there are other places where such trade are run. This report is prepared based on police investigation, conversation with sex workers, hotel and restaurant owners, public, taxi drivers and social investigators. Every types of girls are in such business. There are girls in labour work, professional and celebrities in such business.

  • Restaurant girls (This Post)
  • Call girls (Read Part 2 here)
  • School girls (Coming soon)
  • College girls
  • Hotel girls
  • Celebrities girls

Each of these professional will be discussed in details in upcoming series.

Restaurant Girls

These types of girls and women are easy to find. These restaurants are more focused on girls than the foods. So, most of these restaurants have cabins and they serve limited amount of food and a lot of drinks. Some even don’t have a cook as they only serve dry foods and a lot of beverages.

The restaurants in Baglung bus park used to be mostly used for such illegal trades. In the 2070-71 raids by the District Police Office under the leadership of SP Basantakumar Lama, caused the disruption of the trade of the girls in the area. Although the girls were not allowed to do their business in the area, they didn’t quit the easy-earning trade and moved to another place. In fact, the police activities helped them to increase their rate and they had a higher demand.

The main area restaurant girls work are:

  • Baglung Buspark area
  • Bagale Tole
  • Jalpa Road
  • Sirjana Chowk
  • Nag Dhunga
  • Prithivi Chowk

Rates of Restaurant girls

The restaurant girls charge Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 for their service. When they have to commit the whole night they charge in excess of Rs. 2,000. The rate is also different for Nepali customer and foreigners. While they can charge Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 for a Nepali customers, a foreigners should be willing to pay more than Rs. 5,000 for the same service. Restaurant girls are not favourite among the foreigners, specially Indian tourists.

Life style of restaurant girls

These restaurant girls don’t rent their own places. In such cases, it is not easy to change place when police suspect their business. It is not safe for themselves and their clients if they have their own place for business. They usually live in the restaurant they are employed in. Some, live with the taxi drivers. There are some taxi drivers that work as a pimp of the restaurant girls. They transport the girls to and from the clients. Some of them live with the drivers as family members. Such drivers also provide ‘home delivery’ services.

The restaurant girls don’t live in a city for more than two years. When they change places, they can increase their rates and they have more demand in new places. Changing place also helps them to escape the police. The restaurant owners make the arrangements for the relocation of the girls.

Actually, restaurant girls usually make a good relationship with the police officers. That helps them to find some regular clients and help them when arrested in raids. Like restaurant owners, the police officers also free services or discounts on their services. When required, they also give money, foods and different girls for their services. According to the girls in the business, the high ranking officers are usually after money. The low ranking officers usually are satisfied by food and sexual services of the girls.

This report is based on a report by Arjun Giri for Samadhan. Photos are taken from Mysansar (in 2014).

The next report will be about “Call Girls in Pokhara”. Stay tuned.

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