Nepali Movie – Biteka Pal (Keki, Abinash, Baboo Bogati)

Nepali Movie – Biteka Pal
Starring – Keki Adhikari, Abinash Gurung, Baboo Bogati, Bimala Thatal, Gita Ruchal, Akash babu, Indu Subba, Hemraj Baraily, Rajesh Rajak
Director – Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’

About ‘Biteka Pal’

This Nepali movie is a presentation of Big Production House.The executive producer of the movie is Krish Rijal and is produced by Rajesh Ghatani. The movie is the sixth movie of the director Suraj Subba. In our review, Suraj Subba was criticized in failing to bind the story in script. Abinash Gurung is a new introduction in the movie.

Read the review of ‘Biteka Pal’ to know about the movie. If you enjoy love story movie, this might be the film you will like.

The Full version of ‘Biteka Pal’ is added.

Another version by Hi Tech :

Full movie in a single part:

upload credit – Highlights Nepal

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A Viewers’ comment:

Shinsei Sunuwar
“This one remind me something , yo movie ma keki wrong xaina ,she just wanted be happy with guy , wife vaera husko care ,love and attention napauda ko dukha uslai vaeko tyo painful place bata niklera , arko placema with arko manxe sanga again happy huna khojeko ho just eti vo ki , last ma tyo manxeleni usko hand xoddiyo now she is alone , eti dherai hudani lastma kt nai naramro hunxe ,k usle happy hunani napaos? eti ho she couldn’t make her self strong thtz why she died :( and thtz sad yo movie Herrera main ketaharule bujhnuparne ho”

Another viewers says, “The acting is very bad.”

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