Shiva Regmi’s Daughter Bhawana got married within months of her father’s death

The actress daughter of late director, Shiva Regmi, Bhawana Regmi has got married today. Shiva Regmi had died on December 9, 2013 after failing to recover from kidney failure. The reason behind the marriage in a hurry is not known.

bhawana brother -marriage announcement

According to Hindu tradition, events like marriages are not held in a home for a year when somebody dies. The reason behind the marriage of the daughter within two months of the death of the father is not not known.

bhawana regmi as a bride

Shiva’s daughter Bhawana debuted as an actress in a movie called ‘So Simple’. The movie released in October of 2012 didn’t do well in theater and Bhawana hasn’t appeared in any other movies after that. Bhawana is a nurse by profession.

The identity of the groom is not known. We will update when we get more details on the marriage.

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