Sujata Koirala – Politics that I don’t understand

Deputy_PM_sapath_sujata_koirala I don’t like writing about politics because is is never that entertaining. But sometimes you are dragged into it unwillingly and you feel like venting your dissatisfaction through words.

Sujata Koirala, daughter of Giraja Prasad Koirala faced huge criticism when she was brought into the government  led by her father back in 2008. She was even termed as “the female counterpart of Paras, the notorious son of the suspended monarch Gyanendra in Nepali Congress politics.” by a noted journalist, Dinesh Wagle. When she was given a foreign portfolio in the current government her own party stood against her. The senior Koirala managed to cool down the debate so that she could gather the courage to demand for a Deputy Prime Minister post. In August, the Foreign Minister showed her dissatisfaction by refusing to go with the PM on a high level diplomatic visit to India on the last minute. Many have seen the move as “Height of irresponsibility” on her part. She also made headlines when she invited 3,500 guests on her daughter’s wedding reception. The country’s Social Behavior Reform Act 1976 however bars marriage parties from having more than 51 invitees.

Giraja Prasad Koirala, four times Prime Minister of Nepal, one of the three brothers all of whom were Nepal’s Prime Ministers of Nepal (a world record), wanted his only daughter to be the Deputy Prime Minister and has finally succeeded in the effort.  His party, Nepali Congress (NC), and NC Parliamentary Party has however strongly protested the decision of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to promote Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala to deputy prime minister (DPM).

Sources close to the prime minister said that Girija Prasad Koirala on Saturday had told the prime minister to give Sujata the DPM´s berth to prolong his government. Koirala had given indications that he would look for an alternative government if Nepal failed to promote his daughter to DPM. (myrepublica)

Sujata was highly criticized on her alleged involvement in several scams, particularly those in the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines (formerly known as RNAC) in the past when her father was the prime minister. She is also believed to be involved in several under-the-table dealings and power games that are perpetrated under the shield of Koirala’s premiership.

The cabinet, led Madhav Kumar Nepal who got a chance to lead the government in spite of loosing the election, is filled with election loser ministers  and Sujata is one of them. I can’t understand how a government can represent general public if PM, DPM, and majority of the ministers were rejected by the public during election.

I told you, I don’t understand politics! and, it sure is not that entertaining either. :( 

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