In the name of BBC – confused on KPB and GPK

BBC used to be considered one of the most reliable news media in the world. But, the image of BBC in my inner self was shattered when I saw today’s news in it’s Hindi version of the website. The reporter had mistaken Girija Prasad Koirala for Krishna Prasad Bhattarai. The news was supposed to publish the photo of Krishna Prasad but, it the news media has shown it’s incompetency by publishing the photo of Girija Prasad Koirala instead.


The news in details – it mentions "Nepali Congress" the "Nepali parliament". Krishna Prasad didn’t start Nepali Parliament!

I hope the journalists at BBC practice common sense while writing and publishing articles in its site. I would be better if they ignore the news they are not familiar with.

Top 10 Newsmakers of 2066 BS

The Nepali year 2066 BS is going to finish on April 14, 2010. The year had a few ups and a lot of downs. I am compiling the top newsmakers of the year 2066. Writing the full list will take some time. I will update this page later and hopefully will finish before the year 2066 finishes.

1. Gyanendra Shah (Ex-King, wounded lion?)

Gyanendra (King of Nepal from 2001 to 2008) made news again at the end of the year by telling that the royalty is not dead yet. The political environment was heated and it started political debate on his statement.

2. Paramananda Jha (Hindi attachment)

Paramananda Jha came into controversy after he took the oath of office and secrecy in Hindi language. Paramananda Jha’s position as the Vice President has become defunct from 31 August 2009, with his refusal to take oath in Nepali. According to the Supreme Court’s verdict, Jha wasn’t allowed to perform any duties in capacity of the VP and wasn’t entitled to special security and privileges given to him as the VP. Jha was then in a situation where he has been elected as the VP by the parliament, but hasn’t taken oath.

After six months off duty, Vice President’s post was reactivated from February 7, 2010, after he took fresh oath of office and secrecy. This time, he took the oath both in Nepali and his mother tongue Maithali. Taking oath in mother tongue other than Nepali is permitted after a recent amendment in current Constitution letting President, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ministers to take oath of office and secrecy in their respective mother tongues.

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Girija Prasad Koirala : End of Koirala Era

Nepali Congress President and former prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala (1925-1010) passed away at his daughter’s home in Mandikhatar, Kathmandu at 12:10 p.m. on Saturday, March 20, 2010.

May peace be bestowed upon him!

Girija Prasad Koirala, one of the greatest democratic leaders in Nepal, has long suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and he had fallen unconscious since early morning on Saturday.

Koirala has headed the country from the top post in the country five times since 1991.

  • Prime Minister – 1991 to 1994
  • Prime Minister – 1998 to 1999
  • Prime Minister – 2000 to 2001
  • Prime Minister – 2006 to 2008
  • Acting Head of State from January 2007 to July 2008

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Sujata Koirala – Politics that I don’t understand

I don’t like writing about politics because is is never that entertaining. But sometimes you are dragged into it unwillingly and you feel like venting your dissatisfaction through words.

Sujata Koirala, daughter of Giraja Prasad Koirala faced huge criticism when she was brought into the government  led by her father back in 2008. She was even termed as “the female counterpart of Paras, the notorious son of the suspended monarch Gyanendra in Nepali Congress politics.” by a noted journalist, Dinesh Wagle. When she was given a foreign portfolio in the current government her own party stood against her. The senior Koirala managed to cool down the debate so that she could gather the courage to demand for a Deputy Prime Minister post. In August, the Foreign Minister showed her dissatisfaction by refusing to go with the PM on a high level diplomatic visit to India on the last minute. Many have seen the move as “Height of irresponsibility” on her part. She also made headlines when she invited 3,500 guests on her daughter’s wedding reception. The country’s Social Behavior Reform Act 1976 however bars marriage parties from having more than 51 invitees.

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