Suman Singh spent Ra. 500k in earthquake relief effort in Nuwakot

Actor Suman Singh has spent about Rs. 500,000 to purchase earthquake relief materials to distribute in Nuwakot. He went to Nuwakot with blanket, tents, water, salt and medical checkup team to help the earthquake victims in the area.

Choreographer Dinesh Adhikari and Suman’s family had reached Kharanitar VDC of Nuwakot to distribute the earthquake relief materials. On his choice of the place to distribute the materials, Suman Singh told that not relief materials hadn’t reached the place before. In two wards of the village some 300 villagers had benefitted by the generosity of the actor.

Suman Singh is a popular actor in Nepali film industry. There are more than 20 full movies of Suman Singh posted in xnepali.

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