Sushma Karki arrived drunk in a shooting

These days more than few rumors of actress Sushma Karki are being circulated in the Nepali movie industry. She has been acting in odd ways in these days. In an interview she talked about the offers of 1-2 lakhs per night then she was removed from a movie when she ignored the team for her boyfriend. In response, Sushma accused the team of sexual harassment. Then there was another news about her boyfriend disapproving a revealing dress during a stage show.

In the latest news, Sushma was reported to arrive in shooting spot totally drunk.  She was scheduled to shot a song of ‘Mero Jiwan Sathi’ on 21st but she didn’t show up on that day. When she came in the morning of 22nd, the director Diwakar Bhattarai asked her to come back after a few hours. But at 3:00 PM when she showed up, she was not in the condition of shooting. She had also bumped her head in the stairs.

That’s not all, some time earlier during a shooting with in a song, Hamal complained about the strong cigarette smell in Sushma’s breadth.

It seems, Sushma Karki needs to revisit her behavior and correct herself before her demand start to diminish.

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