Rakhi Sawant in Kathmandu, Bengali movie item song shooting

Bollywood item girl, Rakhi Sawant, was spotted in Kathmandu on Sunday. The controversial item girl was in Nepal for the shooting of an item number of a Bengali movie titled ‘Aami Tomar Hoti Shahi’. Rakhi’s role in the movie will only be as the item girl. Video report:

The movie crew had made a set in Kathmandu for the shooting of the item song. There were Nepali technicians and the chorus dancers in the shooting. In addition to shooting the item song, some more songs of the movie will also be shot in various locations in Nepal. After the completion of the shooting and return of Rakhi Sawant to Mumbai, the film crew will head towards Mustang for more shooting.

According to reports, Nepal was chosen for the shooting because of it being cheap to shoot here. The other option – shooting in India was costly and shooting in Bangladesh was ruled out because of the lack of proper shooting spots.
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Nisha Adhikari to be featured in a couple of Bangali movies

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari is going to be featured in a couple of Bengali movies. The movies titled ‘Good Evening Kathmandu’ and ‘Under the Same Sky’.

nisha adhikari signed in bengali movies

In a Facebook post, Nisha has told that it is a new exciting turn in her career and probably a milestone of the entire Nepali film industry.

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Item dancer Archana Dellala to be featured in Bengali movie

Popular item dancer of Nepali movies, Archana Dellala, is going to be featured in a Bengali movie. The movie titled, ‘Sada Kalo Akasher Canvase’ will feature Archana in lead roles. In a press meet held in Kathmandu on February 2, the director Tanvin Rafik  told that he has seen the talent in Archana for the role.

The movie, named ‘Mayako Parichaya’ in Nepali language, will be shot mostly in Nepal. After the completion of 60 percent shooting in Nepal, remaining part will be shot in Bangladesh.

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