Mahadev Tripathi accused of trafficking girls to Mujra bars in Tanzania

In a report published in Saptahik weekly, actor, dancer and magician Madhav Tripathi is accused of trafficking Nepali girls to Mujra bars in African countries. We had written about the Kantipur report of Nepali artists being traficked to the African countries.

mahadev tripathi - dance bar girls traficking

In the report by Devendra Bhattarai had met a girl in the airport in Delhi, who claim to be Madhav Tripathi’s wife. She told that she was going to the African country for the training of international dance.

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Nepali actress found dancing in Kenya and Tanzania dance bar

A report in Kantipur Daily stated that Nepali girls including an actress was seen dancing in dance bars in African country, Tanzania. The actress had reached the country through Delhi route. In Delhi she had told that she was on route to Tanzania to learn international dance.

In Tanzania, the actress was quoted telling that she was duped. The agents snatched her passport and mobile phone and forced to dance in the local dance bars. The actress also revealed that her husband had had sent her to the place. The identity of the actress is not revealed in the report.

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Government official stationed in Dance Restaurant?

At around 9.30 pm on November 12, Riten Kharel saw this government vehicle parked in a dance restaurant "Bhanjyang Rodhi" at Gwarko and took this photo.

One can be pretty sure that the official who is assigned the vehicle shouldn’t be in his job related work at that time of night. Riten asks, ‘Isn’t it the misuse of a government property?" Government officials are free to visit any restaurant. But, do they need to use the government vehicle and spend government purchased gasoline for their personal gratification?

What do you think?

Does anybody know which office does the license plate belong to?