4 new movies released today for Dashain holidays

To cash the festive mood during the biggest Nepali festival and the longest public holidays, film makers have released four new movies on Friday, October 19. The movies released today include ‘Dhunwaa Yo Nasha’, ‘Ke Ma Timro Saathi Banna Sakchhu’, ‘So Simple’ and ‘Loot Company’.

Out of the four, two are releasing in theaters all over Nepal and two,  ‘Dhuwaa Yo Nasha’ and ‘So Simple’ are releasing in only the theaters out of Kathmandu. Both of them will be featured in Kathmandu theaters next week on October 26.

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'So Simple' to release on October 19

To take advantage of Dashain festival, the Shiva Regmi movie, ‘So Simple’ is going to be released on October 19, 2012. Dashain holidays start on the same day.


Dashain being the largest festival having the longest holiday in Nepal, every movie try their effort to release in that time. We can expect more movies to release on the date.

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'So Simple' to feature Shiva Regmi daughter Bhawana

After Keki Adhikari (director Badri Adhikari’s daughter) another director daughter, Bhawana Regmi (director Shiva Regmi’s daughter) is debuting as a lead actress in a movie under her father’s direction.

Inaugurated on April 20 in Lalitpur, the movie, ‘So Simple’ will also feature the brother of script writer Pradeep Bhardwoj, Pramod Bhardwoj in leading role. In addition to Bhawana and Pramod, the movie will also feature the producer Keshav Bhattarai, Arjun Shreshta, Sushil Pokharel, Binod
Bhattarai, Rashmi Bhatta, Nirmal Sharma etc. in main roles.