Find the difference – Himmatwala and Himmatwali, Rekha Thapa did that again

Here are the names of two different films – of two different languages. Can you find the differences between the names in the following photo?

rekha thapa himmatwali poster same as himmatwala bhojpuri

Let me help you – the differences are:

  • The first movie is in Bhojpuri Language the second is in Nepali language.
  • You can watch the first movie in full (attached below), the second one will release in Dashain of 2071.
  • The ‘Himmatwala’ actor is a Nepali hero, Biraj Bhatt and the ‘Himmatwali’ hero is a Nepali actress Rekha Thapa.
  • The second film name has a “li” at the end.

Apart from that, the name is confusing. It’s not only the name, the fonts used are also similar and the color gradient in the name are also same – red to yellow.

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