Yet another successful Everest Summit – Cyclist on the top

It was not only the youngest, Jordan Romero, on the top and Himalayan Tiger, Apa’s 20th summit, there is yet another climber to remember who scaled the top of the world. The world traveler on bicycle, Puskar Shah, hoisted the flags of 192 countries he visited on May 17, 2010. 


It was not only the flags he carried to the top of the world but also the front wheel of his bicycle. He also sang a popular Nepali song “Resham Firiri” and remembered his mother during his 45 minutes stay at the peak of the 8,848m mountain.

Puskar said, “When I embarked on the world tour in 1998, I had a goal of hoisting the flags of all the nations for peace.”

The 42-year-old, Shah said he has accomplished his mission and he is very happy that his world tour for peace has been a success.

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Congratulation, Jordan Romero, the youngest Everest climber

romero.jpgA boy in his early teens, Jordan Romero, has become the youngest person to reach the top of Mount Everest. The 13 year old guy scaled the heighest peak in world on 22 May, 2010 with his dad Paul and stepmother Karen.

22-year old Bonita Norris became the youngest British female to reach the peak of the World’s highest peak of 8,848m (29,035ft) height four days before Jordan reached there.

Jordan called his mother by satellite phone and said: “Mum, I’m calling you from the top of the world.”
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