Apa Sherpa's 21st Mt. Everest ascent breaks his own record

Apa Sherpa has yet again broken his own record of climbing the Mt. Everst for the 21st time. He has been breaking his own records that he made in 1999, every year (except in 2001) for the last ten years.

Apa reached  the top of the world at 9:15 in the morning of May 11, 2011. The 51 year-old Sherpa was one of the team of four Nepali, a Swiss national, and and an American national in the climbing.

The historical data of his Mt. Everest climbing started in 1990 and he has been climbing the peak almost every years, with twice in 1992 and pauses in 1996, 1977, 1998 and 2001. Although, he announced retirement after his 12th summit in 2002, he couldn’t help himself and was on the top next year. The dates of his climbs are:

  1. May 10, 1990
  2. May 8, 1991
  3. May 12, 1992
  4. October 7, 1992
  5. May 10, 1993
  6. October 10, 1994
  7. May 15, 1995
  8. October 26, 1999
  9. May 20, 1998
  10. May 26, 1999 (Start of World Record feat … and continues breaking his own recrods)
  11. May 24, 2000
  12. May 16, 2002
  13. May 26, 2003
  14. May 17, 2004
  15. May 31, 2005
  16. May 19, 2006
  17. May 16, 2007
  18. May 22, 2008
  19. May 21, 2009
  20. May 21, 2010
  21. May 11, 2011

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Apa Sherpa in Kathmandu after 20th Everest Summit – how long can he afford to be a Nepali?

There was a rumor going on about the Nationality of record holder mountaineer Apa Sherpa. He however, dismissed rumors that he had become a US citizen after relinquishing Nepali citizenship.

With political turmoil and scarcity of basic necessities like electricity and water in Kathmandu, when compared to the US, it is to be seen how long Apa can afford to be a Nepali.

apa sherpa - after 20th summit_in-Ktm

Upon his arrival in Kathmandu today after achieving a record feat-his 20th ascent to Mt Everest-Apa said, “I was a Nepali citizen and will remain so. My stay in the US is temporary.”

It is to be noted that the first Everest conqueror, Tenzing Sherpa, was a Nepali when he climbed the highest peak but wasn’t a Nepali when he died.

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Yet another successful Everest Summit – Cyclist on the top

It was not only the youngest, Jordan Romero, on the top and Himalayan Tiger, Apa’s 20th summit, there is yet another climber to remember who scaled the top of the world. The world traveler on bicycle, Puskar Shah, hoisted the flags of 192 countries he visited on May 17, 2010. 


It was not only the flags he carried to the top of the world but also the front wheel of his bicycle. He also sang a popular Nepali song “Resham Firiri” and remembered his mother during his 45 minutes stay at the peak of the 8,848m mountain.

Puskar said, “When I embarked on the world tour in 1998, I had a goal of hoisting the flags of all the nations for peace.”

The 42-year-old, Shah said he has accomplished his mission and he is very happy that his world tour for peace has been a success.

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Congratulation Apa Sherpa for the 20th Everest Summit

apa_sherpa.jpgApa Sherpa has set a new record, again!

50-year old Apa (Appa) has reached the top of the World for the 20th time. He broke his own previous record of climbing the highest peak in the world for the maximum number of times.

It was on May 10, 1990 Apa climbed the peak for the first time. Then he never stopped. He climbed the peak almost every years (except in 1996 and 2001) and he climbed it more than once in some years (twice in 1992 and 1997).
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Appa Sherpa set new Mt. Everest record of 19 accents

Well done Appa! Congratulation on your new record on the top of the world for the 19th time.

appa_the super serpa

Appa Sherpa reached the top of Mt. Everest on May 21, 2009 at 8 am for the 19th time to break his own record of 18 ascents, last year. Appa was leading Eco Everest Expedition 2009.

It was not an easy expedition as this climbing season saw one of the worst weather conditions. The expedition was struck by tragedy on May 7 when Lhakpa Nuru, a high altitude climber, died in an avalanche and two of the team members gave up summit hopes and returned to Kathmandu.

After the failed first attempt in 1988 Appa climbed the peak for the first time in 1990. That is, 19 accents in 20 years.

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