Nepali Movie – Love Story 2066

love story 2066Nepali Movie – Love Story 2066
StarringNikhil Upreti, Arjun Karki, Sanjita Gurung, RP Pant, Pooja Lama, Mamata Thapa etc.
DirectorDeepak Rayamajhi

A presentation of Wave Production by Bikram Giri, ‘Love Story 2066’ is a film featuring actors Nikhil Upreti, Arjun Karki and Pooja Lama. Pooja Lama is featured in a special role. Actress Mamata Thapa is a new face in the film. The action in the movie is directed by NB Maharjan, choreography by Basanta Shrestha / Raju Shah,  cinematography by Deepak Bantawa, editing by Banish Shah, music by Chetan Sapkota and story / script / executive producer Madan Tamrakar. Karishma Manandhar had unveiled the music of the movie in an event held in May, 2010, a month before the release of the movie.

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Karishma Manandhar on mini-skirts and tattoo on breast (photos)

When Karishma Manandhar attended the first anniversary party of Nagariknews, she became the center of attraction. The actress in her 40s looked younger and more attractive in the green dress.

It was not only the face and the dress that was attractive about her that day. The tattoo of Nepal’s national flower ‘gurash’ (Red Rhododendron) on her breast was the center of attraction of everybody.

The tattoo looks more like a painting on her breast rather than a permanent tattoo. It looks like, after living in the US for some time, she has brought the western trends and fashion with her. Showing panties while wearing mini-skirt (photo below) seems another of the western fashion trend (Thanks god, she didn’t dare the Brittney Spears, or Paris Hilton, or an Indian-Samita Setty style!).
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