Rabindra Shrestha and Supekchya Silwal – not a role model

Rabindra Shrestha, 50-year-old father of a college-age daughter and a minister in-office, eloped with a 22-year-old student in February. Dipak Bhattarai named him the Valentine Hero and I wrote about it in a post at that time. 


After a long silence, the couple have re-surfaced as husband and wife. In the photo above, Supekchya has sported, red Sindoor, a sign of a married woman.

Before we argue if they have done something good for the society
, let’s evaluate some of the Facebook posts of Supekchya:

Although they had run away in February, Supekshya waited for more than two months to announce her marriage. On April 22, she changed her profile to married.

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